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Follow their directions. They work!

~Bzz~ Nudge me with your Arrow keys.
Hold Shift and use your Arrow keys to push me.
Shove me around with Option(alt) + Shift + Arrow keys.

Let's get this party started.


Install via Sketch Runner, Sketchpacks, or Sketch Toolbox by searching for Nudge, Push, Shove.


Download this file and double click to install.

If you have a version older than v1.2.0 already installed, you may need to uninstall it before installing this new version.

Adjust your nudge settings.

  • Use Sketch Runner and type Adjust Nudge Settings or start typing nudge, push, or shove to select from the predefined 16px grid options.
  • - or -
  • Navigate to Plugins > Nudge, Push, Shove. > Adjust Nudge Settings. You'll also see a list of predefined 16px grid options here in this same menu as well.
  • - or -
  • Hit ctrl+ cmd+ n on your keyboard.
There's truly nothing stopping you from putting in any values for any of the settings. If you want a 500px Nudge setting and a 1px Push setting, go wild. And then seek help.


  • Use like normal.
  • Default setting is 1px.


  • Use shift+ like normal.
  • Default setting is 10px.


  • Use Sketch Runner and type Shove -Direction-.
  • - or -
  • Use option+ shift+ .
  • Default setting is 15px.