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Follow their directions. They work!

~Bzz~ Nudge me with your Arrow keys.
Hold Shift and use your Arrow keys to push me.
Shove me around with Option(alt) + Shift + Arrow keys.

Let's get this party started.


Install via Sketch Runner or Sketchpacks by searching for Nudge, Push, Shove.


Download this file and double click to install.

If you have a version older than v1.2.0 already installed, you may need to uninstall it before installing this new version.

Adjust your nudge settings.

  • Use Sketch Runner and type Adjust Nudge Settings or start typing nudge, push, or shove to select from the predefined 16px grid options.
  • - or -
  • Navigate to Plugins > Nudge, Push, Shove. > Adjust Nudge Settings. You'll also see a list of predefined 16px grid options here in this same menu as well.
  • - or -
  • Hit ctrl+ cmd+ n on your keyboard.
There's truly nothing stopping you from putting in any values for any of the settings. If you want a 500px Nudge setting and a 1px Push setting, go wild. And then seek help.


  • Use like normal.
  • Default setting is 1px.


  • Use shift+ like normal.
  • Default setting is 10px.


  • Use Sketch Runner and type Shove -Direction-.
  • - or -
  • Use option+ shift+ .
  • Default setting is 15px.